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This year The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) celebrates its 20th anniversary at the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) from September 8-10 in Portland, OR. Allison Park will speak on how sustainable businesses can make the most of their limited budgets through the use of social media.

ESTC is North America’s largest and only conference focusing on sustainability in travel and tourism. A leading international meeting place, the ESTC brings together innovative minds from across the industry to discuss practical ideas and solutions that inspire positive changes. Hosted by Travel Portland and Travel Oregon, the ESTC 2010 (Portland, Oregon, USA, September 8-10, 2010) will bring together 500+ business leaders, tourism professionals and community stakeholders.

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Creating a Flickr Gallery

Even if you don’t have a lot of photos on Flickr, you can easily create a gallery to showcase your area. All you need is a basic Flickr account and little creativity.

Here are the 4 easy steps:

  1. Search for photosBe general at first and then narrow your search down to particular seasons or features.Note: When viewing your search results, click on i to open a “more information” pop-up window. This allows you to view the photo at a larger size without losing your place in the search.

    More Info Pop Up Window

    Hint: open potential photos for your gallery in new tabs/browser windows to keep track them easily.

  2. Click on the “Add to Gallery” icon above the photo.Select your gallery or create a new one.If this is your first photo in a new gallery, create the title and description here. You can edit this information at any time.
  3. Drag the thumbnails to reorder the photos in your gallery. You can also drag one of the thumbnails to replace your gallery’s thumbnail here (left of the gallery title).
  4. Write comments to explain why you chose each photo. You can edit your comment by clicking on the text again.

Example Gallery: A Bean for every season.

Additional things to consider:

  1. Once you add a photo to your gallery, a one-time message (Flickr email) will be sent to the photographer to notify them.
  2. There is a maximum of 18 photos per gallery.
  3. Be specific on which photos you choose.
  4. You cannot choose photos from your own photostream.
  5. Don’t worry about photo licensing since all the photos are still housed in Flickr.
  6. You cannot get an RSS feed of your galleries. ie: cannot use on your website or Facebook page.
  7. Photographers can control who can add their photos to galleries by changing their preferences.

Have you created any Flickr Galleries? What are your successes and insights?


Travel Portland

In early February 2009, the world’s first Twisitor Center launched. By utilizing the hashtag “#inpdx” and Twitter’s powerful search function, we were able to crowd source visitors’ questions, conversations and recommendations.

This cyber-cousin of the visitor information center generated over $1 million in earned media for Travel Portland, gaining global coverage for the destination.

Prior to sharing and connecting with visitors via Twitter, Travel Portland partnered with us to launch, a recommendation engine, which allows locals and visitors to share their personal Portland recommendations, tips, photos and guides. By supporting and monitoring visitors via Twitter and GoSeePortland, Travel Portland was able to reach new audiences, build their brand and support the destination, but they were not done yet.

After their early social success, we worked with the online team to develop a Facebook page and Flickr group, in addition to continued Twitter efforts, including the Twisitor Center. Once again, the objective was to remain consistent with the Travel Portland brand and empower both locals and visitors to share their Portland experience.