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Creating a Twitter List

Twitter rolled out the Lists feature last fall however many tourism organizations have not taken advantage of lists yet.

Lists are an easy way to promote bureau membership and categorize twittering members into categories.

People can subscribe to your lists and view them as columns in TweetDeck, HootSuite. You can also embed twitter lists into websites and blogs.

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Optimize your YouTube videos

Are Your YouTube Videos Optimized?

Lights. Camera. Action. Boom! Your video is done. You edited it, added a few special effects and rush to upload it to YouTube. But wait you’re not done yet. With hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube every day it’s important to make sure you do your best in optimizing your video for search.

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YouTube has a proprietary algorithm and nobody knows 100% how the ranking of videos is done. Nevertheless, there is some common wisdom out there on the ways to make your video do better in search. Here are some tips to get you started. Please share yours in the comments!

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