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Did you get the memo (the Million Dollar Memo)? We’re Finalists!

Sparkloft Media has been selected as one of the Final 20 companies in Tourism Queensland’s Million Dollar Memo campaign, which means that we and our contest winner, @sheilas, are one step closer to a trip of a lifetime in Queensland. Talk about an incentive!

While we are honored and excited the real challenge starts now and we are in it to win it. Tourism Queensland is looking for the most competitive (check) and creative (check) company to take home the ultimate grand prize. They will be watching (and we hope you will too) as we prepare for the finals which begin August 24.

So what’s the deal with the finals? Well, I am so pleased you asked. I will be going to Queensland on behalf of Sparkloft Media to compete for the grand prize. While I do not know exactly what the competition will include, I hope it includes some of this and that.

This: poolside in paradise.

That: whale watching in Platypus Bay

In case you missed it, our journey to the finals began with this video and continued with lots of practice in Portland. From working on our snorkeling skills in the public fountains to an in office camping excursion we’ve been embracing the laid back Queensland lifestyle and are ready for more, but we need your help.

Share challenges and training you would like to see us tackle leading up to the finals. Leave your ideas in the comments here or as always send us a tweet or a message. From the crazy to the practical or the potentially embarrassing, we’ll do it.

A huge thank you to everyone that has helped us reach the finals and especially to our winner, Sheila Scarborough. Fingers crossed we’ll be on our way to Queensland soon!

Follow our quest to become Queensland millionaires at #sparkMDM.

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