Twitter Walls for Meetings & Events

Author: Jamie Kerr

Most of us have experienced a time when we are attending a conference or convention, and notice people around us are turning Twitter into a crazy cloud of conversation revolving around the event. Instead of giving speakers undivided attention, people tune into Twitter and talk to each other about what is happening. A speaker can finish his/her presentation, sit down, and read about what the audience thought afterwards on Twitter. The speaker sees questions, comments that need addressing, but didn’t know about these questions until after he/she had finished and tuned back into Twitter.

Why not bring this conversation live? Twitter walls allow you to project a conversation synced through a hashtag live on a wall or screen at your event. The audience can live-tweet questions to a speaker and get their questions answered during Q&A sessions. This also allows those without a smart phone to tap into the conversation and see what is being said, even though they can’t participate unless they have a laptop handy.

There are dozens of tools out there that allow you to aggregate a Twitter conversation and present it in an aesthetically pleasing way. There are tools that present the conversation in a stream, and those that only display one tweet at a time. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Twitterwall.me

Twitter Wall allows you to enter one hash tag and a background image. It presents the conversation stream in a simple, clean way that updates in real-time. Twitter Wall is not the most customizable, but it is quick and easy.

2. Wiffiti

Wiffiti displays multiple tweets at once in a scrapbook format. Tweets are switched out often. You can customize the background and enter up to five tags. While Wiffiti is not as easy to follow as Twitterfall, it does present tweets in an interesting way that draws viewers in.

3. Another Tweet on the Wall

This tool is even simpler yet. Enter inone hashtag and watch the tweets appear on the screen one at a time. Another Tweet on the Wall uses the avatar as a backdrop for the tweet, with a slight adjustment to the color to make it more readable. This style of Twitter wall is not recommended if you want to project a track-able conversation to encourage engagement, but it is great eye candy if you want to display top tweets.

4. Visible Tweets

This tool is similar to Another Tweet on the Wall, except the background images fades between different solid colors. It is super simple and nice to look at, but offers little customization.

Want more? Here are a few more Twitter Wall tools to use for your events and conferences:

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