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Many international DMOs have recently started to use Pinterest as another platform to promote their destinations. Since my list was created in mid-February, there has been a significant increase — from 3 to 26 international DMOs on Pinterest, as of March 10.

Of these 26, there are only 10 DMOs that have solid accounts with 75 or more pins. The chart on the right depicts the top 10 international DMOs with the most pins.

Visit Norway is clearly leading the way with 300 pins, 18 boards and 162 followers.

In terms of number of pins, close behind Visit Norway are the following DMOs: Visit Peak District (299 pins, 15 boards), Visit Trentino (284 pins, 18 boards), Visit Melbourne (236 pins, 9 boards), Visit Abu Dhabi (191 pins, 12 boards), Tourism Vancouver (122 pins, 9 boards), Visit Tuscany (117 pins, 8 boards), Calgary (103 pins, 3 boards), Visit Jordan (98 pins, 13 boards) and Visit London (75 pins, 7 boards).

Below that are 7 DMOs with a decent start (23-43 pins each), 4 DMOs with less than 11 pins each and 5 DMOs that have inactive accounts with 0 pins.

In terms of number of followers, Visit Norway is still at the top with 162 followers. 

Behind Visit Norway are the following DMOs: Visit Trentino, Visit Tuscany, Visit Elche and Visit Melbourne.

Visit Jordan is close behind these top DMOs with 47 followers and Calgary has 27 followers.

Below those are 7 DMOs with a good start (10-25 followers each) and 12 DMOs with less than 10 followers each, 2 of which have 0 followers.

In terms of follower growth, Visit Norway had an increase of 13 followers over the past week. There were 5 international DMOs that saw an increase of 1-5 followers and the other 20 DMOs had no increase. As you can see, gaining followers organically on Pinterest is not easy. Creating a solid strategy and promoting the account definitely helps.

And finally, in terms of which countries have the most DMOs on Pinterest, Italy is in the lead with 4 DMOs. Both Canada and Norway each have 3 DMOs. England, Australia and Croatia each have 2 DMOs.

The following countries each have 1 DMO: Cuba, Fiji, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Jordan, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Wales.


After this post was written, a friend forwarded a post about Australia’s Pinterest account. I didn’t have time to rewrite my blog post but I wanted to share this information with you.

Australia is truly in the lead of all the international DMOs with 839 pins on 31 gorgeous boards. They also have 412 followers, more than any other international DMO, and I expect that this number will continue to increase dramatically.

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