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What to watch out for in 2012

Marketing is evolving continuously with the changing needs of the consumers and all the brands are trying to keep up with these changes. So what is it that will cause some brands to rise head and shoulders above the rest? Well, here is what I think the checklist will look like.

Mobile Marketing is going to make or break your online marketing efforts.

Mobile devices are the tools that enable the social networking addiction and more and more people are choosing to stay connected on the go. In 2011, mobile usage grew by 200%; this basically means that people are using their smartphones for almost all kinds of actions – social networking, gaming, location-based services and shopping. Making sure that your online presence includes a mobile presence for these always connected smartphone users will play a huge part in determining the success of your digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing will be a stand-alone entity and something that you must invest in. 

Gone are the days when it was believed that Social Media was only for teenagers. Nearly 82% of the world’s population is on some kind of a social networking site and 1 out of every 5 minutes online is spent on a social networking site, making this category the most popular for engagement universally. So in case you are thinking that you can get by without investing in Social Media, think again. If you want to be where your customers are, you need a strong and integrated online presence to create a lasting relationship between your brand and your customers.

Social Gaming and Social Retail will play an important role in revenue generation.

27% of the internet-users in the US (this is around 62 million users) play at least one game on a social network on a monthly basis; add to this the fact that Zynga and EA have performed exceptionally well in 2011, this number will continue to grow. People will be more than willing to pay to play and this will be a form of ROI for your Social Media efforts.

Social retail will also take off as deals and offers can be targeted towards specific customers (Thanks Facebook!) resulting in a much more customized offering. People are more likely to buy stuff that their friends have recommended or bought.
While we are on the subject of online retail, a very important element is not to underestimate the power of visuals. I am, of course, talking about the most visually appealing bookmarking site that goes by the name of Pinterest. Pinterest is a far cry from the traditional websites and a Mashable study has concluded that Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. This site has proved to be a very good launching pad for all the wannabe online retailers. Pinterest proves that good design really sells.

In all of the things that are mentioned in this checklist, there is one aspect that is common – frictionless sharing. Frictionless sharing will be the overarching theme for 2012 with the elements mentioned earlier. What are your thoughts on this?

Author: Joanita Bora

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