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Thoughts on the New Timeline

Author: Joanita Bora

Welcome to Timeline, where you can tell your story the way you want it to be told and you can remove any stuff that might make you cringe.

But at the announcement, Zuckerberg said the “Timeline” is coming soon…so how do we get around that? Especially for someone as impatient as me, getting the Timeline now was paramount. Thankfully, TechCrunch had a way out of that problem.

So now my profile page looks something like this:

So far, so good, I think. But wait, in case there is some embarrassing post, and you do not want that post to show up, remove it by clicking the gear sign that shows up at the top right hand corner of every post. Create Lists and use them judiciously to create your own privacy levels.

You can also decide whether to feature posts from an app on the Timeline or not. This is what Zuckerberg calls the “Open-Graph” for developers where people can create apps for their favorite brands. For example, if you like “food” a lot, create an app for that in your “Open Graph” which will aggregate all your friends’ food related activity. These apps will then stream content on your news feed or ticker based on their importance.

Facebook is changing the way you use the Internet. The Timeline has a really sleek interface and you get to look back at the good old days which definitely touches an emotional chord; plus, you can also add badges to your timeline from your “likes” and “interests.”

Your friends can select the year from which they want to view your posts and the Timeline then shows it in a chronological order, which can be accessed by scrolling.

So what is the point of having this interface? I think for a brand, the biggest takeaways are:

1. It’s easier to see who your brand advocates are and reward them accordingly.

2. The importance of the “LIKE” button is going to diminish and people will really be talking about “quality content” rather than quantity.

3. The Timeline also means that you can hyper-target your ads. Imagine the wealth of information at your fingertips with the Timeline in place.

4. With the advent of the Open Graph, brands must find new and innovative ways to push content into users’ streams as uninteresting content is going to be pushed to the unimportant ticker rather than appearing in the direct news feed.

Last but not the least-though Facebook has become more invasive as it is laying your personal history out there for the world to see, it is also up to the user to optimize their privacy levels and to create beautiful stories that are rich in content and can be shared proudly with the Timeline. It will be interesting to see what the new brand pages will look like and what the possibilities will be for marketers. What are your thoughts?

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New Facebook – The Social Curation of Your Life

Author: Matt Alex

Facebook just got social again. Over the last few years, Facebook has released many great updates, but the platform evolved into a very utilitarian complicated tool. With yesterday’s announcement at F8, Facebook introduced an evolved social curation narrative. Social media is a tool to connect and share; this is the next evolution of sharing content.

The F8 keynote began with Mark Zuckerberg explaining the original Facebook profile as the first minute of your life and when it grew to include the news feed it became the last 15 minute of your life. However, Zuckerberg explains, “We are more than what we did recently.” The problem with social media, is that it only gives a snapshot of you in a moment, and has lost emotional appeal. Enter Timeline, your new profile, “all of your stories, all of your apps – a new way to express yourself.”

Zuckerberg established a beautiful emotional narrative while introducing Timeline. We saw a lot of his dog Beast, and he showed how Facebook will automatically add photos, status updates, and life events you’ve shared. You’ll also be able to add old photos and content to a “Way Back” section.

The new Timeline will allow users to share their unique life story in a modern way.

Apart from the Timeline, Facebook has introduced a number of other new features, designed to share your story. All of which give a really fresh feeling to the social giant.

Like, Read, Watch, Eat…Effectively “liking” things has evolved to “verbing” a noun. The new Open Graph developer application allows developers to create a whole new genre of social applications. You don’t have to “like” a movie, now you can “watch” it. Now we will know more about the books, movies, foods, etc. that are trending around the world, or just among your friends!

Goodbye annoying permission pop-up box! Zuckerberg said he started to cry when he saw a friend playing Mario Brothers and a “share this achievement with your friends” box popped up interrupting the game. Those days are gone (can I get a HALLELUJAH?)! Now you just have to authorize an app once, and select what types of content you’ll approve for sharing.

Facebook as a media hub. With the new and improved Open Graph development application, we’ll start to see more advanced apps focused on bringing media to Facebook. Personally, I’m most excited for the Spotify application. Since its release in the US, I’ve wanted Spotify to be a better tool for music discovery, the answer is Facebook. Through the ticker you’ll be able to see what your friends are listening to and you don’t even have to leave Facebook to listen. Additionally, we’ll see the same functionality for Hulu, Netflix, and a number of news sites (like Yahoo or Mashable).

Overall, Facebook’s goals are to know more about its users, and encourage more time spent using the platform. With this, Facebook has positioned itself as one of the biggest data mining giants. Instead of collecting data about what you’re doing now, the platform is moving to create a history of content and actions. Expect a new era of privacy concerns to arise, many of which I’m sure Facebook already has answers for.

The changes are a lot to take in all at once, but it looks like the social media giant is bringing social back to social media. Get ready for a new era of social curation. The changes should be pushed to everyone in the next couple of weeks, but if you can’t wait, Techcrunch published a workaround to get Timeline now.

What are your first impressions?

-Matt Alex (@malex2208)