Appealing to the senses to fall in love with Atlanta.

The Opportunity

Atlanta is a large, cosmopolitan and vibrant city with its own unique charm. Locals and visitors who explore the city know it is a great destination to live and explore; however, there is a misperception that there aren’t enough interesting things to do in Atlanta. The Atlanta CVB wanted a campaign to raise awareness of Atlanta’s rich cultural offerings. 

The Insight

Through research, Sparkloft discovered a fundamental truth: audiences don’t just want to be told a story about a destination, they want to be a part of an insider’s experience and discover through the eye’s of a local.

With these insights in mind, we identified the three senses of seeing, hearing and tasting as the content themes of our campaign. Sparkloft tapped into these senses with immersive storytelling to serve as a link between local experiences and unfamiliar/out-of-market audiences’ perceptions of Atlanta.

The Strategy

The I AM ATL campaign tells the story of Atlanta from the perspective of local ambassadors and influencers. I AM ATL showcases that the people of Atlanta are what makes the city great. Their stories, experiences and passion for Atlanta can be shared to a wider audience to inspire them to discover Atlanta for themselves. Sparkloft set out to build a social-first approach to leverage existing I AM ATL digital content that engages unfamiliar audiences and connects them with local perspective.

Our target audience is not defined primarily by age and demographics, but rather by lifestyle; a strong affinity for travel with interest in urban experiences including festivals, music/nightlife, dining, walking and exploring neighborhoods. The target audience wants to explore new destinations and get a sense of local culture. They may visit an attraction or museum, but primarily they are interested in activities that are off-the-beaten path. They are looking to blend in like a local wherever they go — and want to be treated as such. 

The Execution

Our primary campaign attribute is discovery. The I AM ATL campaign encourages audiences to see, hear, and taste Atlanta through content that introduces them to passionate locals that speak for the city. Audiences discover Atlanta through these senses and are immersed into the city’s culture one song, recipe or neighborhood at a time.

Sparkloft dissected existing long-form I AM ATL digital content, living on Youtube and the I AM ATL microsite, that identified with our overarching content themes (see, hear, taste) that would translate well to social. We identified immersive social content types that were optimized for individual social platforms to create a cohesive story. 

Additionally, Sparkloft identified 12 local advocates to leverage their authentic, local perspective on Atlanta and strengthen the message of I AM ATL through third-party validation. Each influencer shared content that fit one (or more) of our content themes (see, hear, taste). Sparkloft partnered with these influencers to develop content and messaging that they shared on their personal accounts and additional assets that were exclusively used for paid media from Discover Atlanta’s Instagram account.

Sparkloft constructed a small paid media plan to support content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, we relied heavily on our influencers and audience engagement to tell the story to keep the authenticity of the campaign.

The Results

While raising awareness and engaging audiences in new markets, Sparkloft maintained an organic feel for the campaign through third-party validation (Atlanta influencers/ambassadors) and audience engagement.

The I AM ATL campaign is still live but has already generated impressive results. As of June 2017  the campaign has garnered 8,089,277 impressions, and 1,047,740 engagements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and a reach of 2,096,142 on Facebook and Twitter. Videos have reached 486,076 views on Facebook.