Culture: Where Sparks Want to Travel in 2017

Sparks: We’re a group of people who have traveled a lot, want to travel more, and work in travel daily. With a specialty in travel and tourism clients, we have a serious case of workplace-wide wanderlust. We asked around and came up with the top places Sparks want to take-off to in 2017.

1. Japan

Maggie, Project Manager, describes it best: “Food. Nightlife. Crazy robot fighting.” It’s an obvious choice for those of us that want to see and try new things. Almost half the Sparks mentioned Japan being at the top of their list, for everything from shopping to culture to history. And, as Kate, Content Producer, says, “Japanese food, DUH.”

2. Iceland

It was hot in 2016, and you won’t see it leaving your news feed anytime soon; Iceland trips are still in. Brianna, Operations Coordinator, mentioned “awesome waterfalls, West Fjords, hot springs,” and Ian, Senior Content Manager, pointed out that it’s a good stopover on your way to Europe.

3. U.S. National Parks 

So many to see, so little time. From Glacier to Grand Canyon to Joshua Tree, the National Parks were scattered throughout most 2017 travel destinations. Bonus if you road trip through multiple, a favorite trip of many of the Sparks.

4. Banff National Park

If you haven’t seen more pictures, check out the Instagram geolocation. Trust us; we won’t have to tell you why this Canadian national park is on our list. Elizabeth, Social Media Strategist, adds, “Must kayak Lake Louise. Also, poutine.”

5. Vancouver B.C.

For Portland Sparks, Vancouver is a hot destination that’s not too far away. Lizzy, Content Strategist, plans on taking the train up there in 2017. Will, Senior Strategist, adds, “Every hockey fan should skate in Canada.” (Also, more poutine.)

6. Cuba

“I am a hipster, and all hipsters must go to Cuba,” says Joe, Senior Content Strategist. Charles, Account Manager, adds, “CIGARS.” Plus, we hear there are some pretty cool views there. 

Honorable mentions: Norway (“Like Iceland, but bigger!”), Thailand, Croatia (“Beaches, babes, and boats.”) and London, to name a few.

Stay tuned for 2017, when you’ll see plenty #SparkTags in these spots and more. Don’t be surprised if you see a bunch photos from others, too. After all, the Sparks are a group of travel trendsetters. 

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