Strategy: Welcome to the Grid Life

Instagram is the home of beautiful and seamless premium content. The visual gallery provided on this platform is a means to express the style, personality and overall look and feel of your brand. Each image showcased in your feed should reflect a piece of your brand. But what happens when you take a step back and look at how the pieces fit together? Does it make sense? Does it tell a captivating story? Do the design elements speak to each other and form a cohesive message? If you answered yes to all of the following questions, go ahead and pat yourself on the back and continue to curate away!

If you answered no, then we suggest that you up your Instagram game and take note on how to curate a stunning visual gallery that stylizes your posts into a cohesive and visually appealing portfolio. Why care about the grid, you ask? If you care about followers then by all means, focus on your grid. Users will determine whether or not to follow a brand based on the overall appearance of their grid. Making a visual impact at first glance is key to setting the expectations for your followers, leading to follower growth, higher retention rates and a happy community.

Tips for Curating Your Grid

The first step in curating your grid is to define your brands aesthetic. If you already have this in place, step back and take a hard look at your grid and try to find connections between color, light, shapes, direction, contrast, perspective, texture, balance and lines. Always be aware of these design elements with each individual post and how they thematically work together in the grand scheme of things. Don’t be afraid to do a little ‘spring cleaning’ and go back and delete images that don’t work with your grid.

3 Awesome Apps for Maintaining a Stellar Grid

VSCO Cam is one of the most popular photo editing apps available. Beyond the useful camera, this app also enables you to curate a library on their platform and plan your layout before publishing to your IG feed. This app also features an array of unique photo filters that can help give your images a seamless look.

PicSlit enables you to create giant picture banners on your Instagram profile page. While the results look pretty cool, be aware that unless your banner is dynamic, chances are many of your followers will feel like you are spamming them.

Snapseed is a great photo editing tool that gives you more control of the specific areas of your image that you wish to retouch to give you more control over your aesthetic.

Grid Envy Instagrammers

Looking for inspiration on how to curate a dynamic visual portfolio? Check out a few of our favorite grids:

@Splendid_Rags does a fantastic job ensuring that all of their images are bright, energetic, full of shapes, lines, and beautiful colors that really pop, creating a unified feed. 

splendid rags.PNG

@Airbnb has really taken the idea of banner images up a notch. Their creations are banner videos that stand alone but also stitch together to create a complete scene. One of our favorites is the tree house series that has three independent components that come together and seamlessly have a pair of tropical birds fly through all three scenes for a special on Treehouse rentals.

@NikeLab has a stylized, futuristic layout that introduces what’s fresh out of the lab.

@Josematinnavajas uses his entire feed as a visual portfolio to showcase his work as a freelance designer. While his style is playful and fun, vertical portfolios are also captivating way to display creative.

Do you have any favorite grids? Share in the comments below.