Creative: Introducing Haunted Oregon, Podcast Miniseries for Travel Oregon

TL;DR: Audio content can bring audiences into a conversation the way no other format can. So in the spirit of the season, we crafted our first client podcast series around some scary stories.

When Travel Oregon approached us to craft enticing Halloween content, we knew that simply posting links to a few creepy tales would not be spooky enough. We needed a way to tell the scariest stories of Oregon that was more — for lack of a better word — haunting.

A podcast that interviewed those who know Oregon’s haunted places the best to tell their story was a perfect solution. The resulting podcast miniseries, Haunted Oregon, brought a new level of creepiness to Travel Oregon’s already rich library of scary stories from the state.

Like video, audio fits well in the content ecosystem of social media. Sharing podcasts and similar formats allows an audience to feel like they are part of the ongoing conversation within the podcast itself. Even more than other content, podcasts feel accessible, much as radio has always been able to better capture local and niche audiences with familiar voices and lower budgets. Content creators recognize that podcasts share these qualities with their older siblings, blogs, and give them an opportunity to increase their reach without too much production blog. And like blogs, podcasts rely on social media to grow their audiences. 

Social media recognizes the power of audio content and are rolling out updates that allow for in-app creation. Facebook introduced Live Audio, which allows content creators to broadcast to their followers. Almost simultaneously, Instagram debuted going Live with a friend. While this video feature may seem unrelated to podcasts, it exemplifies the power of conversations, which are at the heart of most good podcast content. In both cases, listening to a discussion (whether you are watching the video or not) gives the audience more opportunity to agree or disagree, involving them further in the content, rather than simply following a single voice.

All of this momentum for podcasts may leave you thinking whether your business should have its own branded podcast. Listen to our Haunted Oregon podcast episodes and start with a simple question: What conversation are we leading that others would want to not only listen into, but join? 

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