Strategy: Facebook’s Tips for Small Businesses

TL;DR: There’s no better way to grow your market share than with a social media presence. Facebook shares tips and tricks with small businesses with its Boost Your Business events taking place across the country.

Social media advertising has made it possible for the smallest of businesses to get their names out there with tools and apps for creating content, targeting and engaging with their new, growing communities. Facebook is spreading the word about its features with Boost Your Business events across the country to help companies particularly in mid-size cities, get the most bang for their buck.

The Basics

  • Start by creating a page within your Facebook account. Much like your personal profile, you’ll want to have a profile picture, which will be associated with your business across Facebook.

  • There are plenty of ways to share your message in text, photo and video. Boost Your Business shares plenty of examples of businesses using Facebook Live, the feature that allows you to start a live video recording, available both on desktop on mobile.

  • Enable Messenger for your page is a great way to connect with your community. Facebook estimates about 2 billion messages are exchanged between business pages and Facebook users each day.

  • As an entity of Facebook, Instagram is considered an additional tool available to businesses. Regularly posting images and videos with relevant hashtags creates a great base to begin growing your audience on this platform. Additionally, Facebook makes it easy to post to both platforms at the same time.

Get the Word out with Ads

Facebook recommends considering four things when creating ads for either platform:

  • What you want people to do: Facebook takes you through the objectives of your ads to ensure that you get the return you’re looking for, like more website visits, more page likes or more messages.

  • Who you want to see your ad: Targeting has been particularly helpful to small business owners. Within the ads managers, they can target potential customers by location, gender, age, interests among other options to ensure that their ad is getting in front of the right people. Businesses can even use existing email lists to generate a targeted group.

  • what you want that ad to look like: Format your ad to fit your product. Facebook offers a variety of formats outside of the standard posting options, such as a carousel ads, slideshow and canvas ads. You can always build ads around standard posts, like image, video or links.

  • How you’re going to gauge what’s successful to improve future ads: Use Audience Insights to see what works and doesn’t work with your initial ads to determine what to prioritize to continue to grow your audience.

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