Culture: Where Sparks Want to Travel in 2018


TL;DR: As 2017 wraps, we’ve reflected on where we’ve been and where we are going. It appears 2018 will be a year for new experiences in faraway places for our Sparks and we can’t wait.

As 2018 nears, Sparks are already talking about our typical resolutions to travel to new destinations.

Last year we touched on who we are and where we wanted to go in 2017. Not much has changed in the arena of who we are; we’re still a kick-ass agency with a love of travel. We regrouped on where we visited, discoveries we made and what’s next for 2018.

Our top destinations were Japan, followed by Iceland and expansive list of U.S. National Parks.

Discovery Trips Conquered

Sparkloft Discovery Trips is one of the many perks offered to employees to promote learning and curiosity:

  • Content strategist Meredith traveled to the other side of the world to discover New Zealand.

  • Account Director Jurek recently elevated his travels in Patagonia.


2018 + beyond

Beyond checking places off of our ever-growing bucket lists, We're excited to go to more places and try plenty of new experiences. Here are the top places and experiences we’re planning to check-off our 2018 list.

Top places:

  • Asia, specifically Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia

  • Costa Rica

  • Hawaii

  • Canada


Top experiences:

  • Try new cuisine in a different country

  • Explore more of the Pacific Northwest

  • See the Northern Lights

  • Climb a mountain

  • Participate in more charitable events

  • Plan a trip with best friends

  • Embark on a solo adventure

We’re always excited for the future at Sparkloft and we hope you are too. Interested in joining or staying up-to-date with our travel-loving crew? We’d love to hear from you.