Strategy: Platform Update, Instagram Stories Get Longer Shelf Life


TL;DR: Instagram Stories came out with a slew of updates over the past month. Here are the most recent updates and what they mean for you and your business.

While all social media platforms are always changing, the month of November was a particularly exciting time for Instagram Stories.

Stories and Saving posts make their way to desktop

Instagram is pushing for inclusivity with the evolution of Stories to desktop. Instagram is also making the platform more accessible to developing countries, which is something Snapchat has notoriously struggled with as a mobile-only platform. By building the Instagram audience on a “truly global” level, this will set Instagram on the track to build a well-established audience worldwide.

The Camera Roll is now fair game

Gone are the days where your Story uploads are confined to a window of 24 hours. Now your entire camera roll is available as a source for uploading. Can we get a hallelujah?

giphy (2).gif

Live-streaming brought to the next level

You can now go live on Instagram with another person. Why is this great? You can invite people to join a live conversation with real-time, face-to-face interaction. I’m hoping to see an introduction of more Q&A sessions for brands across all industries.

Archive and highlight your favorite expired Stories

With a play on Snapchat’s Memories feature, Instagram rolled out the option to create a permanent home to show off formerly disappearing content. The Archives will save the Stories in full within a private section of your Instagram profile, Highlights are a bit different, allowing users to showcase their favorite moments longer than 24 hours publicly under Instagram bios. Brands will likely utilize this feature to highlight different products and ad campaigns. Find more information on this here and here.

As Instagram Stories continue to dominate the world of digital storytelling, more updates are expected as we inch closer to the new year. Check in with Sparkloft for the latest and greatest on social.

Not sure how to integrate these new features into your Instagram Stories? Get back to the basics on how to tell a story worth sharing and we can help with the rest.