Strategy: Platform Update, Evolution of Facebook Video

TL;DR: Updates galore for Facebook video — autoplay, vertical video enhancement and more! Facebook is at it again with updates that are sure to change the world of video in the social sphere.

We’ve seen a lot of recent changes with video content on both Snapchat and Instagram, so it’s no surprise that Facebook is next up to shift its focus to video. With digital video populating over 80 percent of consumer internet traffic by 2020, Facebook has announced an array of updates in hopes of creating a more engaging, video-sharing experience for users.

Sound Off? Nope. Sound On!

Facebook will be rolling out an auto-play function for sound on all video content shared within the platform. Previously, users have been required to tap the video in order to hear a video’s sound. However, in recent testing, Facebook users have shown positive reactions toward the auto-play of sound.

We at Sparkloft aren’t totally convinced.

Good news is this setting can be adjusted in a user’s settings.

The Great Debate: Vertical vs. Horizontal

Facebook is giving some love to vertical. The next update coming from the platform is enhancing the vertical videos and their mobile functionality. Thanks to the company’s team of engineers, a larger format is available for all iOS and Android users.

What does this mean for production? Sparkloft Director, Ian, says that with the recent updates to Snapchat, Instagram and now Facebook, Sparkloft will likely adapt by creating more content in this updated format, or at the very least, modify content to work in conjunction with the platform’s updates.

In-App Multitasking 

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to watch a video on Facebook while continuing to scroll, now you can. The final update will allow users to minimize and drag videos into the corners of their screen while streaming continues in the corner of the app. This is great for personal use, but from an agency POV, we’re wondering how this will alter the ways users engage with video content within the app.

All in all, we’re interested to see the updates come to fruition and how brands choose to adapt their creative storytelling with video on Facebook. Stay tuned.

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