Culture: Thank You, Team!

We don’t talk about ourselves much—we would rather talk about our clients and the work we get to do for them.  But today, I would like to make an exception, because Sparkloft Media was named one of the Fastest-Growing Private 100 Companies by the Portland Business Journal.
There are two main reasons why we have been able to grow so quickly over the last three years: our team, who work extremely hard to develop cutting-edge social media concepts, and our clients, who trust us with those ideas. In this agency life, consistent growth only happens if you’re able to develop those two integral components, talent and clients, in tandem.
We now employ more than 50 people in three offices, manage social media programs in 14 countries around the world, and garner industry recognition for the quality of our work, like winning a Platinum HSMAI Adrian Award. I am very proud of these accomplishments. 
So thank you to all our “Sparks” for your dedication and commitment over the last few years, and thank you to all our clients for allowing us to do what we do best — develop innovative social media concepts, campaigns and creative.­­­
Social media is constantly changing the impact it has on our lives, and that won’t stop anytime soon. I’m excited about the possibilities that this change brings. As an organization, I cannot wait to publicly launch some of the initiatives we have been working on over the last few months, which will show clearly and convincingly the growing opportunities for social media to drive measurable business results.

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