Strategy: Facebook Live — How to Engage Followers and Grow Your Audience


TL;DR: It’s no longer enough to go live just for the sake of going live. Anyone can stream from a mobile device from any location. After you nail down the basics of live-streaming, level up by growing an engaged audience.

Live-streaming has come a long way in the past few years. While “streaming” as we imagine it has been around since the early 90s, only recently did data connections and devices make streaming accessible to the average user. Though social live-streaming tools have slightly troubled past with competing platforms — Meerkat vs. Periscope — it’s not surprising that Facebook has continued to dominate the live space.

Facebook hasn’t been shy about giving newsfeeds preference to new video content and live-stream is no exception. With a native notification feature to alert your page’s fans when you’re live, this can be a huge benefit to reaching your audience.

Streaming Evergreen Content

Take this video from Travel Oregon’s  “Moment of Zen” series. While live and engaging in the moment, this video can be promoted to extend its reach and serve as more permanent video content on the page. You’ll capture a live audience while still being able to take advantage of those viewers that couldn’t make it.  

Have a Host

Find someone with a natural on-camera presence to host your live-stream to incorporate real-time audience questions and answers. If promoted ahead of time, viewers will tune in to interact with the host and get their questions answered.

Give Something Away

During holiday season 2016, Discover Atlanta made the holidays brighter to users who tuned into their live-stream. Users were invited to follow along with Atlanta holiday trivia and share their favorite traditions, memories or things to do in the destination. Participating users were rewarded with tickets to partner attractions to celebrate the holidays in Atlanta!

Gamify your broadcast

Invite user to play a game with you via live-stream. Let users decide the next move by making suggestions in the comments or by using Facebook reactions to vote. You will engage your audience and provide a “choose your own adventure” live-stream with somewhat scripted outcomes.

Additional Tools

Facebook now has Facebook Creator, which offers influencers Live Creative Kit. It includes intros and outros to Live broadcasts, a unified inbox of Facebook and Instagram comments plus Messenger chats, cross-posting to Twitter and expansive analytics. These features push Facebook Live well beyond the capabilities of Twitter’s Periscope, and could make it more viable than YouTube Live.

For Creators trying to moderate their comments reels, combining Instagram and Facebook could reduce the time it takes to scrub abusive trolls.

Need help with your next live-stream? Let’s chat. We’d love to collaborate on ideas for engaging streams or by developing a real-time content strategy for speaking up in the moment.

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