Strategy: Food and Beverage Styling for Social Media


TL;DR: Having a successful food or beverage social account is more than just taking a decent picture and paring it with a witty caption. To avoid becoming another “fad” it’s important to know what practices work best for your brand, what is visually appealing and what will make you stand out from the rest.

Most would agree, people spend more time on social media than they’d like to admit scrolling and salivating at the delicious food and beverages that populate their feeds. Whether it’s a restaurant promoting its triple-stacked burger and milkshakes, a Pinterest recipe board or an Instagram account dedicated to food, they all have one thing in common: they’ve got us craving whatever they’re posting.

Some have it figured out, while others are still trying to master the classic burger oozing egg yolk or that refreshing beverage topped with flowers that you think is too pretty to drink.

If you’re trying to sell a product or just showcase your favorite food and recipes here’s what you’ll need to know…

Less is More

The main purpose of a food and beverage account is just that, the food and beverages. Let go of everything else and let the food be the star of the show. Only add props to the photo that have meaning to the final product. Use simple props and backdrops to keep your main product the center of attention. To make this process easier add props in one at a time and let the scene build itself.

Try Video

Instead of listing recipe steps on a Pinterest board or snapping a picture of your final product, take the viewer through the experience with video. Videos are viewed as more entertaining and personable. Be wary of long videos, dropoff of engagement happens quickly so keep your videos exciting but short.

Think Big and Bright

There’s something about a dish overflowing with colorful goodness that gives it more eye appeal. Make your dish larger than life by strategically adding more garnishes. This strategy not only applies to food but to dishes as well. Create different levels by adding or removing plates, coasters, etc.

Be Original

It’s so tempting to hop on the burger oozing egg yolk bandwagon but like everything else, it will fade and the next trend will surface. Since 70% percent of Instagram posts are never seen, being original is important now more than ever. To avoid being the next fad food account, experiment with what resonates with you and your followers and go with that.

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