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TL;DR:  It’s not enough to integrate video into your content strategy. For brands looking to create the biggest impact and leave consumers with a lasting impression, they need to focus on aligning innovative video formats to specific marketing channels.

Today’s consumers are busy, technologically savvy and don’t have the patience for lazy marketing practices. Creating a video and sharing it across all your marketing channels isn’t going to cut it anymore. Like all marketing content, not only must video be optimized for each platform it lives on and the audience it’s being targeted to, it has to keep pace with current trends for users to care and engage.

To successfully connect with today’s consumers, brands must be strategic in the way they incorporate video content. These five video trends are proving to be crucial for consumption and lasting brand awareness:

Trend 1: Mobile Optimization Becoming Standard for Video Content

It is increasingly important to optimize your content independently for each platform, as displays are different. It’s also important to maximize the size of your content to reach more users. For example:

Facebook 1:1

Instagram (feed content ) 4:5 (stories content) 9:16

YouTube 16:9

Square videos work better on mobile because they fill 78 percent more of the screen, resulting in 80 percent more engagement. Brands receive 30 to 35 percent more reach for square versus landscape videos on Facebook.


Trend 2: Short, Mobile-first Video

Online attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, which means your video content has to be eye-catching and thumb-stopping. To do that, 47 percent of the value in a video needs to be delivered in the first 3 seconds. Brands running 6- to 10-second mobile video ads will have greater attraction with younger audiences.

Trend 3: Sound On

While a 2016 study found that 85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound, we’re now seeing that number shift in the other direction. Sparkloft is finding that users are watching with the sound on for a longer period of time.

Travel Oregon’s “Slightly Exaggerated” video campaign saw 79 percent of the viewers turn sound on when watching on Facebook.

Sound supports the impactful, memorable and emotional reactions brands seek to create through video.

#LifeChangingPlaces - LOFOTEN - Chris Burkard

This is the first one of the mini series #LifeChangingPlaces that follows people who went to a trip that in some form changed their lives. My team and I spent 9 days on the magical island formation Lofoten in northern Norway to capture the beauty that changed Chris Burkards whole approach to photography.

Trend 4: Short-lived Video Content Increasing in Popularity

Snapchat pioneered the idea of temporary content and everyone else followed suit with Instagram Stories now leading the way.

While temporary content has a narrow reach, it also has a greater sense of urgency resulting in better engagement rates.

Trend 5: Live Content is Not Going Away

Why are all the major social platforms adding live functions? Users want it. Though this format has a more narrow reach, it also has a greater sense of urgency, resulting in much higher engagement rates. For example, a recent Thursday Night Football live reached more than 3 million people. Another great example of a  live content done well is Travel Oregon’s award-winning Moment of Zen campaign with over half a million views.

We predict that this video format will only increase in popularity throughout 2019.

Travel Oregon

Oregon Moment of Zen: escape from your day to a surreal scene at the Painted Hills.

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