Strategy: How Much Social Media is too Much?


TL;DR: In a world where social has taken over our lives, believe it or not, there is a limit to how often a business should be posting. Receiving the engagements that you are looking for goes beyond posting all-day, everyday. It involves tactically choosing the right platforms, getting to know your audience and knowing when you’re publishing too much for a social platform.

The pressure to create and tactically upkeep a social media presence is on for businesses in today’s digital-driven era. The abundance of social media platforms can seem overwhelming and knowing when to post and how many times a day to do so can just add stress to an already-busy day.

When it comes down to it, posting regularly will get you more engagement, therefore more awareness of your business. With this information in mind it can be easy to go on a posting frenzy to generate more views, likes and comments, but how much posting is too much posting? Unfortunately, there's no straightforward answer.

As you pick the right social platform, think about what kind of business you run and what platform will make your business stand out aside from the competition.

Knowing your platforms

When establishing a social presence for your business, it is important the you choose your social platforms accordingly. As you pick the right social platform, think about what kind of business you run and what platform will make your business stand out aside from the competition.

Every social platform is different, posting the same number of times on Facebook as you do on Twitter may not get you the results that you want. For example, if you were to schedule six tweets a day on Twitter and six post a day on Facebook, your Twitter followers wouldn’t blink an eye, but your Facebook followers may grow annoyed. Knowing how each platform’s algorithm works and audience expectations is important.

Knowing your audience

Getting to know your audiences in each social platform that you have chosen is another strategic guide to how many times a day you should be posting. Taking some time to analyze your audience demographics from every social platform and understanding their needs will help you develop a social agenda that will prove to be most successful in the end.

Social platforms like Twitter and Instagram may have a younger audience compared to Facebook or LinkedIn. This information can help you strategically create and manage an agenda that each audience will enjoy.

Viewing a page’s analytics will provide you with the insights to analyze your account, or each post, beyond the comments and likes that you receive — engagements, reach and various in-depth analytics — which will ultimately guide your social media strategy.

How much posting is too much?

While taking these things into consideration is important for your social media strategy, something else to take into account is the type of content that you are sharing with your audience.

As a rule of thumb: a mix between sales and inspirational messaging is recommended, limit posting on weekends, post three times a week on Facebook and Instagram and about eight times a week on Twitter.

We’re able to make these recommendations at Sparkloft because of our dedicated team members we call Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who keep the agency up to date on the latest trends and opportunities on each platform. Our SMEs stay on top of all major platforms and more niche platforms like Twitch or dating apps like Bumble. Having one Subject Matter Expert for each platform, allows us to give the most accurate findings and information to our clients when assisting in their social media strategy.



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