Strategy: 5 Tips for Creating Quality Content and Ad Strategies on Instagram


TL;DR: Your audience could be missing up to 70 percent of the content you’re posting organically on Instagram. From day-to-day posting to advertising strategies, we have a few tips to help your brand make the most of its Instagram presence.

While organic reach is still more prevalent on Instagram than many other social platforms, your brand's followers are likely missing up to 70 percent of your content when posted organically.  According to a study run by Instagram, 60 percent of users say they learn about products and services on the app, while 75 percent say they take actions like visiting sites, searching, or telling a friend after being influenced by a post on Instagram. People are shopping in increasingly visual ways, making Instagram a powerful tool to not only engage your audience, but to act as a vital touchpoint in driving conversion. From organic posts to advertising, here’s how to make the most of your Instagram presence.

75 percent say they take actions like visiting sites, searching, or telling a friend after being influenced by a post on Instagram.

1. Authenticity with a Consistent Look and Feel

For brands, developing content for Instagram is about finding a balance between authenticity and creative consistency. While Instagram has a singular focus on captivating imagery, the nature of the platform calls for authenticity. Users are more likely to engage with beautiful, compelling content. Establish a look and feel that is consistent with a recognizable color palette or photographic style. Be sure to avoid imagery that appears like stock photography or overly staged. It shouldn’t come across as too branded or as if it was pulled directly from your perfectly-crafted print ad creative.

2. Leverage Influencers for Added Reach

Influencer content is an efficient and cost-effective means of content creation and distribution on Instagram. Influencers can speak to niche audiences to raise awareness, drive account growth and get new audiences to engage with your brand or product. Most importantly, their content offers third-party validation that is valued highly by platform users and cannot be matched by branded content. If you’re considering utilizing influencers in your next program or campaign, here are a few things to consider about validating authenticity, how much to pay and more.

3. Utilize New Platform Features

There are several key factors that the platform’s algorithm takes into consideration when it is determining which content to show to what audiences. Taking advantage of Instagram’s new and evolving tools can improve the overall health of your brand’s account. Why? Simple. Instagram prioritizes posts from accounts that typically receive a lot of engagement and are consistently sharing relevant content. They share that content to users who regularly interact with your account. Therefore, utilizing features like Instagram Stories and Live puts your account at the top of a user’s viewing possibilities.

4. Consider Your Objectives When Setting up Ad Campaigns

Compelling Instagram ads start with a clear focus and objective. Determine what you want to achieve with your ad. Whether you main objective is brand awareness, app installs or website traffic, use that advertising type when setting up your paid media.

5. Implement Ad Strategies that Engage Your Biggest Fans

To establish brand awareness among your target audience and grow your account, start off by casting a wide(ish) net using interest-based ad targeting. Narrow your audience by location, age, gender, interests and behaviors.

Now you’re growing your fan base, which is great! But remember, nearly 70 percent of these people are likely not seeing your content when it’s published organically. Keep your new audience engaged with custom audience ad targeting. This targeting capability will allow you to serve ads to users who have engaged with your Instagram account previously.

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You can even create a lookalike audience based on characteristics of your fans to expand your reach to others who are likely to find engage with your content.

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When it comes to social advertising, we’ve barely scratched the surface. Need help with your paid media strategy on social? We should chat.

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