Strategy: 3 Brands Pushing Creative Boundaries


TL;DR: With the vast majority of brands now using social media as an integral part of their overall marketing strategies, it can be difficult to break through the content clutter, but definitely not impossible. These brands are standing out from the rest with engaging creative content on social.

How can brands stand out on social when everyone has access to the same platforms and tools? When there is an even playing field, one surefire way to stand out from the rest is through compelling creative. Here are a few brands we think are getting creative with their social presence.

Your brand’s social profile is often the first line of defense for a well-crafted brand.

Spotify: Activations

Spotify has long been a leader in bold design. Over the last several years it has pushed for a new normal in terms of overall design and look, and how they interact with users, driving many brands to follow suit. Today, it's making a huge impact not only within the app, but on social platforms and IRL platforms. Spotify recently took over an entire NYC subway station in honor David Bowie appropriately titled “Station Domination.”

The company backed the activation with a full grid takeover on Instagram and a tour via Instagram Stories that now lives on in their highlights. We have already seen a large number of folks sharing their two-floor adventure on their own stories. The link-in-bio drove users back to the Spotify app to enjoy a curated Bowie playlist. See what else Spotify is doing with visual content here.

MailChimp: Integrated Focus

While some may not know what MailChimp is, the brand is making sure that once you see a piece of its creative, you will certainly never forget it. The famous Freddie mascot is showing up everywhere we hang out online.

MailChimp has an overall quirky presence that shows in Youtube ads. Its Instagram feed is a direct reflection of the culture it wants convey with employee story highlights. Twitter and Facebook are reserved for product facing content, announcements and educational material. MailChimp also has a well thought out LinkedIn that begs users to learn more about their company by driving them to a stunning website. In short, MailChimp is tailoring content to fit the needs of each specific platform.

Anthropologie: Instagram Stories

Anthro has turned Instagram Stories into mini-episodes that leave users wanting more. Content series like “#ThisWayThatWay”, “#MyAnthro,” “Hey You, What’s New,” and #AdventuresOfAnthro are some of the offerings you can find in Story highlights.

Not only is the brand using consistent storytelling themes, but it's taking the design to a whole new level. While most brands are using Instagram Stories for more in-the-moment experiences, Anthropologie is using this tool to showcase high quality-produced imagery. This allows the brand to feature vendors, products and employees in a new and engaging way.

Want to learn more about creating engaging Instagram Stories? We have some tips and tricks here.

No matter which social feature or tactic you are implementing, the bottom line is that in a saturated social landscape you have to get creative. Your brand’s social profile is often the first line of defense for a well-crafted brand. It’s one of the first interactions you get with your audience so make it one that they will remember with thumb-stopping content.

By using different platform tools to your advantage in new and intriguing ways insures that your brand voice is heard through the noise. To get started, consider these five tips to elevate your social storytelling.

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