Strategy: 5 Ways to Add Social Media to Your Hiring Process


TL;DR: Finding the right candidates to fill open roles at your company is tough and when the competition is fierce, it’s important to be efficient and creative. This is where social media can help. With everything from employee advocacy to media strategies, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can deliver the right candidates to you with one click.

Similar to most interactions online, social recruiting is about finding and making those highly sought after, authentic connections. The twist? Weeding through millions of social users to find the most qualified candidates for your company. By utilizing some of today’s most intuitive platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, social media recruiting goes beyond the traditional application sources and has become the focal point for professional communication.

So Many Platforms, But Which to Choose?

Picking the right platform truly comes down to who you are trying to reach and why. Generally, a younger audience — which will fill your entry level positions and internships — are usually found on Instagram or YouTube, while older and more experienced candidates are on LinkedIn and Facebook. Speaking to your future employees on the platforms they already use on a daily basis eliminates a lot of unnecessary media spend and research.

Be a Part of the Right Conversations

As a business on social media, it’s important to cut through the online chatter and find the right people. A great way to do this is by staying active in relevant social conversations through hashtags. Instagram and Twitter are the platforms to research, follow and engage with specific hashtags. Finding relevant and professional conversations on hashtags in your industry can lead to potential candidates and will give you a better idea of what the best of the best is looking for in a job.

You’ve Got to Spend Money to Make Money, Right?

Next to joining the right conversations on social, the best thing to do is promote, promote, promote! Sponsored content is king and Facebook’s targeting capabilities are the best for reaching a niche market. Whether it’s a specific location or an interest and behavior you are looking for in quality candidates, promoted content offers a deeper targeting strategy than an organic content plan.

A great way to share authentic company experiences is through current employee involvement.

Employee Advocacy

Just like any recruitment tactic, it’s important to share more than the standard open roles and positions available at any given time. Instead, try incorporating regular content that showcases your company’s desirable culture, like team outings, holiday parties, retreats or volunteering opportunity. A relaxed work experience is just as appealing as a professional one. A great way to share authentic company experiences is through current employee involvement. Encourage employees to share their favorite moments, requesting that they tag the company on social media or use specific hashtags. These are great ways to start positive and encouraging conversations on social.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to social media, and yes, even for those looking for their next career path, ease is everything. Kick up your social media recruitment strategy by sprucing up your profiles with buttons or tabs made for easy application. For example, on Facebook, you have the opportunity to build a “Apply Now” or “Contact Us” button at the top of your Page for easy clicks to your site. The faster your candidates can get through to the application, the better! Another way to encourage interest in your recruitment is by creating a specific Page for careers. Here, users can expect to find content relating to open job positions or company culture with one, easy news feed scroll.

As more and more of our personal lives get absorbed into the all-consuming world of social, it’s safe to say that businesses need to catch up to keep up. All in all, it’s time to say goodbye to the old-fashioned application processes and the tireless hunt for the right candidate. Welcome to recruitment in the digital age!


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