Insights: The Beauty Influencer World and Why It Matters


There’s little doubt social media influencers have a tremendous impact on marketing products. From makeup, fashion and beauty, to travel and everyday consumables, influencers are a tremendously effective means of targeting large and niche audiences, with strong engagement, and eventual increase in sales figures.

Yes, it may seem that every “influencer” with a social media account is vying for the likes and favorites of other users, and that opportunity to partner with a strong brand with a #sponsored post. True influencers have developed an inspiring persona, sharing stories and values to dedicated, engaged followers, who perceive these targeted posts as authentic; they get it. The third-party, independent validation of social media mavens with anywhere from a few thousand to millions of followers, speaks volumes to followers, as consumers crave to see which products work and how they can be applied in real life. How does the product appeal to them, without the impersonal feeling of a scatter-shot corporate advertising campaign?

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