Insights: Stop Rolling Your Eyes at Social Media Influencers

The word "authenticity" has reached its pinnacle in the social media space. Of course, consumers and hospitality brands both want content to feel warm, adventurous and welcoming, but with today’s influencer-heavy reliance, defining the term has become more and more difficult.

Furthermore, with the increase of influencer fraud we've seen run rampant in the last year, influencers authenticity has truly begun to erode the term as a value point. Authenticity doesn't really mean anything in influencer marketing anymore.

As social media-focused brands continue to strategize methods to sell their services or products, the hospitality industry must move away from questioning the validity of influencers – stop rolling your eyes at Instagram divas – and begin to talk about social partnerships in a more critical way. Remember, influencer is not a term pigeonholed into Instagram. It’s actually quite a difficult and complex marketing strategy, which can make or break a brand’s image.

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