Insights: Using Social Media Trends to Build Brand Loyalty


Social media is crowded. With 6 billion users combined on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, brands are not only competing with each other, but with their target audience’s family and friends. It might sound strange, but think of the many photos of your niece’s first steps or best friend’s engagement crowding your timeline. How do brands develop content that stands out among the tremendous amount of traffic on social media? How can your brand stand out?

The answer lies in fostering a sense of brand loyalty among current and potential followers. The ultimate goal of social media is to ensure users aren’t simply auto-scrolling over a brand’s content on their feeds. It’s important for brands to develop a sense of excitement and to be actively seeking out engagement. Social media is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, has the ability to increase brand loyalty by turning everyday consumers into strong brand advocates. How do beverage manufacturers spark that sense of loyalty through social media?