5 Reasons to Care About the Instagram API

A highly anticipated, much speculated moment has finally arrived: Instagram has opened its API. Don't make the mistake of brushing this off as your basic industry news; this move will be the biggest and best-looking shift in mobile advertising this year.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should care:

1. Automated buying: Minimum buys will decrease while targeting options will increase, allowing brands to build their following with strategic and data-driven precision.

2. Clear calls to action: Shop Now and other advertising features make it easy to send interested users exactly where you want them to go. Compared to the pre-existing, clunky link-sharing user experience for organic posts, (“see link in bio” message) this easy exit off Instagram is a key value proposition for ads.

3. Everything is in one place: For marketers this means the days of switching from mobile to desktop and back to mobile again are over. Now, campaign publishing and tracking will be integrated. #Flawless.

4. More clutter: Previously, Instagram ads required creative collaboration with Instagram’s own team, which resulted in visually appealing, often interesting sponsored content. This will no longer be the case, which means brands with the strongest grasp of the platform, understanding of their audience and strategic framework have much to be gained. There is little doubt users’ feed will start to include less interesting content (sorry!), but similarly to Facebook advertising there are efficient results to be gained by delivering the right content to the right user at the right time.

5. Community: The strong aesthetic of Instagram users and the high channel engagement means brands still have much to gain from influencer marketing and relationship building. The API merely provides another set of tools to help them succeed, and even more importantly, to help them prove their success with metrics and data.

Are you ready? Instagram is about to get a lot better for brands. Disagree? Leave a comment below.