Creating a Twitter List

Twitter rolled out the Lists feature last fall however many tourism organizations have not taken advantage of lists yet. Lists are an easy way to promote bureau membership and categorize twittering members into categories.

People can subscribe to your lists and view them as columns in TweetDeck, HootSuite. You can also embed twitter lists into websites and blogs.

Imagine a twitter list of all the hotels in your area.

A visitor can then easily view this list to see if any of your hotels are offering special discounts. The same can be true for restaurants, attractions, etc.

You can create a list in TweetDeck, HootSuite or at

Log into your twitter account using the web version ( Decide on the type of list.

Some examples are museums, attractions, things to do, hotels, restaurants, local news, local twitter all-stars, travel bloggers, #followfriday, etc.

Once you have an idea of the type of list and its members, go to one of the members’ twitter page.

Click on Lists. If this is your first list, click on New List.

Create the list name and description.

A public list can be seen by all twitter members. This is a great option to promote your area as well as your CVB’s membership.

A private list is only seen by you. This option can be used similar to columns in TweetDeck or HootSuite. Consider making private lists of people you want to watch or retweet often but not necessarily promote publicly to your followers.

Once your list has been created, go to another member’s twitter page and click on Lists.

Check the box for the appropriate list name. Continue this process for the other members of your list.

Hint: If twitter members will be on multiple lists, create your lists first and then add them to the appropriate lists. It’s much easier than creating each list separately.

If a similar list already exists, you can easily copy the members onto your own list.

Go to the list’s page on and click on Following (on the right). This displays all the members of the list, rather than the list’s twitter stream.

To edit your list, go to your list’s page on and click on the list’s icon. You can uncheck the appropriate list box or add the member to additional lists here.

To edit your list’s name, description and whether it is public/private, click on Edit in the top right corner of this page.

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