5 Tips to Achieve Snapchat Superstardom

It’s official; the world is obsessed with Snapchat. Marketers can no longer avoid the photo- and video-messaging app that’s commanding the attention of Millennials as well as an increasingly global audience. According to Business Insider, “Stories are now getting 1 billion views daily, while 760 million disappearing photos and videos are sent daily.”

These attractive metrics are grabbing the attention of both advertisers and brands around the world – even more so after Snapchat recently launched its first official ad. The concept of disappearing media has proved to be anything but a gimmick. Something keeps bringing users back to the app. So, what is it?

It all comes down to Snapchat Stories. The year-old feature has emerged as one of the app’s primary user attractions. Stories allow users to post photos and videos to a self-curated collection, essentially creating an ongoing story of their snaps over time. In line with Snapchat’s token ephemerality, the viewing period of a snap in one’s story is 24 hours – just long enough to piece together the events of a day or a short episode of daily life using snaps as individual scenes. Brands like MTV, General Electric, and Mashable have already joined in on the self-destructing story fun.

How is it then that certain Snapchat users or brands set themselves apart from the rest? What really makes a story pop? Here are five suggestions for becoming a Snapchat superstar:

Be your own narrator

Snapchat is meant to give your followers a POV perspective into your everyday life. Who better to narrate your life than you? Try talking to your story viewers as if they were living in the moment with you.

Set the scene, describe what the audience is about to see, and go! Check out this example by one of the current Snapchat elite, New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat:


Get creative

Snapchat’s draw feature can transform your living room into a haunted dungeon and your front door into the gates of Mordor. The only limit to this tool is a user’s creativity, which is something that Snapchat superstar Shaun McBride, better known as Shonduras, has plenty of.

Embrace your artistic side and think out of the box with your snaps. Utilize every color available or stick to basic black and white. What could go wrong? Your story only lives for 24 hours, after all.

Diversify your snap content

Snapchat Stories allow users to click through a story and skip over any content that isn’t holding their attention. Remember to mix things up a bit. Combine photos and videos one after another to create a masterful snap story showcasing your artistic skills. If your audience doesn’t know what’s coming, they won’t know what content they might miss by skipping through your story.

Keep your audience hanging

Stagger your story’s message across several snaps– there’s no need to rush. Every snap is an opportunity to express yourself and offer a window into your world. Experiment with run-on sentences, lists, and jumps between verbal and textual communication. Your audience will listen, but you have to give them a reason to stay.

Keep your story rolling like a conversation: quick, yet drawn out when necessary, and rewarding once a resolution is made. Taco Bell has done a masterful job executing this strategy with their Snapchat account. As one of the early brand adopters of the platform, Taco Bell has experimented with countless messages on its story. See the example below:

Don’t be afraid to throw in a selfie

Never be afraid to include a selfie in your story. Try snapping a selfie that signals the end of your Snapsterpiece, or try a pensive “I wonder if…” selfie to start a new narrative. Either way, you can’t lose. As we’ve long learned, audiences love to know who’s behind the camera, and thanks to Snapchat’s easy-to-use camera flip setting a first-class selfie is just one touch away.

Looking for even more tips on how to become a master Snapchatter? Take a page from the masters: Casey Neistat and fellow elite Snapper Jerome Jarre made a video describing their Snapchat stardom and where they see the application moving as its user base grows.

Have any Snapchat Superstar tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.