Control Your Klout Score: Follow Bieber’s Lead

Author: Matt Alex “My first time on Google+ and the first terms I run across are "Spotify" and "Klout.” I feel like such an old woman right now!” That’s what a close friend told me when the web was exploding with excitement over Spotify. With the social media industry moving so fast, sometimes it can be hard to keep up on the latest trends. Klout putting itself on the map by offering influencers, who broadcast invites, a free premium Spotify account. Until now, Klout has been fairly mysterious. Today, Klout CEO, Joe Fernandez opened up to Tracey John of Forbes discussing the future of Klout, improving your score, and why they have Bieber Fever.

So what is social influence and what is the Klout score all about? Fernandez explains, “It really boils down to what the likelihood of the content you create on social networks is being acted upon; people commenting, clicking links, liking, retweeting. Ultimately, when we think about influence, it’s really about the ability to drive others to action.” Klout aggregates your influence over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and is gathering data on Foursquare.

Klout effectively quantifies influence. Additionally, it displays topics you are most influential about. It’ll be no surprise when employers start checking the Klout scores and circles of influence of applicants, especially in positions that require social influence. Gone are the times when people care about the awesome PB&J you’re eating (unless you tag the food cart that made it), your social content matters more than ever now.

Quick tips to increase your Klout score:

  • Don’t worry about how many followers you have (the Twitter porn star spam does not in fact help).
  • Focus on what you know and connect with other influencers.
  • Get connected to CEOs or other high level execs on LinkedIn (you’re golden if you are connected to Zuck, Jobs, or Bill Gates).
  • Quality over quantity. Frequency doesn’t affect your score. Get fans to comment and share your content.
  • You can’t game the system - it’s really all about social influence.
  • Your score is derived from your main network of influence (i.e. you use Twitter more than other platforms), everything else is a bonus.
  • Klout doesn’t care if you go on vacation. Neglect your social media and your influence will decrease.
  • A score in the 70’s is “pretty strong” (Fernandez’s score is 69). Justin Bieber is the only person to have a perfect 100, follow his lead (Klout staff have his posters cover their office as inspiration).

2011 is a big year for Klout. Expect to see increased integration of Foursquare, and the ability to connect your YouTube and Tumblr accounts.

Know your Klout score?

Do you think Klout is another social fad? Or will it’s influence be important?

-Matt Alex (@malex2208)