Cooking a video – Part 3: Putting it all together

Step 3: Putting it all together Now comes the fun part. It’s time to take your pieces and put them to work! This is the part of the entire process where you get to create your harmony. And just like cooking, post production is both an art and a science. You’ll need to be methodical and creative. You’ll need to be organized if you want to stay on schedule and eccentric if you want to make it memorable.

Hopefully your pre-production included some kind of time-line or layout so you know where to start. In cooking, you’ll probably prioritize the foods that are going to take the longest or have long rest periods first. In movie making, you’ll want to break down your project into chapters or themes to keep it manageable.

Don’t focus too much on one thing while others are burning, so remember that it’s always ok to ask others for help or have a third-party taste-tester on hand towards the end. More opinions are good, but beware having too many cooks in the kitchen.

There are countless different techniques, workarounds, and shortcuts that you can use if you have to. You can add all kinds miscellaneous tid bits in, but don’t get super fancy right off the bat. If you’re going to have a savvy connoisseur in the audience later they probably won’t be impressed if you don’t have the basics down.

And for the record, page curl and other gimmicky transitions are rarely the right choice. Stick to the salt and pepper of video transitions; cut and fade. Or, if you’re editing Star Wars, I suppose you could use a wipe, but you probably aren’t, so you probably shouldn’t.

Step 4: Serving & Consumption

Once you pull the final product out, it’s time to serve it. Thanks to all your hard work, you should be fairly confident by now that your audience is going to like it. Sometimes, things just don’t mesh like you had hoped, and that’s ok, especially your first time. It’s a learning process. Now you can sit back and experience the gestalt that you have just created. Hopefully, you’re able to share it with friends and see their enjoyment.

Final Note: Farm-to-Table video

Sure, there are some really great viral videos out there where very little of this applies. Some video is fresh from the source. No planning, no processing. You can just walk by and grab it. Whatever it is that was captured on camera may have happened unexpectedly or for some reason was an otherwise normal moment gone awesome (or in some cases, terrible). They’re like fruit picked straight from the bush. You take a risk, sometimes you get a worm or mold or what have you. Sometimes you just get normal fruit. But if the combination of factors is just right, then it really can be spectacular and fresh.

I like this one. It’s a nice blend of cute kid, well humored father, shaken up and mixed with some post-anesthetic befuddlement. I laughed really hard when I first saw it (maybe too hard), but I couldn’t watch it 5 times in a day, whereas I could eat my sister’s methodically constructed thanksgiving stuffing about a dozen times in a row. Sadly, I think this year I did just that.

Alright, end of metaphor. Thanks for tolerating it reading!

What do you think?

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