The five book bloggers I want to have in my book club (or take on vacation)

Before packing my travel bag, I rate my reading list on a scale evaluating a book’s enjoyment level, connection to place of travel and carrying ease. Packing a good book is almost as important as choosing a good travel buddy; therefore, I also rate my travel buddies on this scale. While I don’t judge my friends on their abilities to be crammed into my overly stuffed backpack, I do hold them to a high standard of (a different type of) flexibility.


I don’t belong to a book club, but I can only imagine they are formed by people openly judging each other on scales similar to mine. When you love reading and feverishly scribble on the margins of a book's pages, you want to make sure you’re sharing those thoughts with somebody who can fit inside your squished backpack, or just be an insightful listener. Therefore, here are the five book bloggers I’d like to have in my book club:

Jennifer Hart (@Bookclubgirl)

This girl has any book clubber’s back. She describes herself as “dedicated to sharing great books, news, and tips with book club girls everywhere.” That she is. Not only does she tell you what to put on your shelf next season, but she also reminds you about her Book Club Girl chats, just because she knows I’m a busy lady.

Kristi (@thestorysiren)

Once you start reading one of Kristi’s reviews you feel like you've stumbled upon the best part of the book. She’s also playing a wonderful role in the lives of young adult readers who are looking to connect with books and learn from somebody who was once in their shoes.

Rebecca Schinsky (@RebeccaSchinsky)

Rebecca’s the co-founder of Bookrageous and editor at @bookriot and #fridayreads. No big deal. Her writing style also makes me GOL (giggle out loud), which is always something I like to associate with books and friends.

Jen (@DevourerofBooks)

Jen hosts an online book club. Chat about books and I don’t have to clean my condo or share my desserts and wine? Perfect. Her Twitter avatar is also a photo of her reading a book while in a wedding dress. Need I say more?

Ana and Thea (@Booksmugglers)

Just read about how these ladies came up with their blog name and you'll immediately know they're serious book addicts. I am also considering adopting their rating scale for books (and travel partners).


What’s next on my fall reading list? The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom.