Top Twitter Cities

Amidst putting our Twitter Ranking Report together, we came across an interesting infographic developed by Hubspot, the creators of Twitter Grader. The graphic depicts how states compare to the average US Twitter grade and also shows top 10 Twitter cities.

We got curious how that compares to the destinations on the top of our list (warning, we didn’t do any fancy statistical correlation analysis here). By searching the DMOs that represent top Twitter cities on our June ranking list we found out that only 3 cities were in our DMO top 10: New York (2), San Francisco (4) and Chicago (5).

This is where DMOs representing top Twitter cities stand in our ranking.

City City Ranking DMO Ranking
Los Angeles 1 34
New York 2 2
San Francisco 3 4
Washington DC 4 27
Hollywood 5 92
Chicago 6 5
Atlanta 7 44
Las Vegas 8 36
Seattle 9 32
Austin 10 26

Of course, there are many factors that go into a successful Twitter strategy, but everything else aside, being in the city with lots of active Twitter users is definitely a plus. Even though DMOs want to primarily connect with out-of-town visitors, engaging and leveraging major destination advocates (its locals) is something not to be overlooked. As we can see from the above comparison some DMOs could take a better advantage of it.