Five Must-See GoPro Videos

These days, great marketing means creating great content. Great content tells a remarkable story that draws consumers in and presents a brand in a broader context. Increasingly these stories are being told in a visual way, and no other product has changed the way video is produced more than GoPro, the maker of ultra-portable video cameras.

To truly understand the power of these small devices take a look at following GoPro videos. Each offers great insight on how to tell a compelling, memorable story with video.

Avalanche Cliff Jump

By GoPro standards this is an ancient video; it was filmed over 3 years ago. Regardless, it’s best in class, offering a story with a surprise twist that will make your heart stop.

Lesson: A great video grips viewers and leaves them guessing how the story will end.

Hovercraft Deer Rescue

Many GoPro videos are filmed by athletes and risk-takers sponsored by the company, but GoPro is also a master at finding user-generated content that supports its brand message.

Take this video as an example: GoPro heard about it through the media then reached out to the guys who made it, and turned it into a commercial.

Lesson:Far more important than producing your own videos is setting up processes to identify videos filmed by others that showcase your product. If done right, you kill two birds with one stone: scratch the back of brand advocates and get easy access to great content.

Lions: the New Endangered Species?

A golden rule for online video content is that it shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes (and many would argue that it actually shouldn’t be longer than 1 minute). But, if you have stunning content, there’s no time limit. This incredible 15-minute video proves that fact: it has more than 21 million views.

Lesson: With a tool like GoPro it’s very easy to produce visually stunning content. With that said, technically high quality video must still have a unique story to keep viewers engaged.

Fireman Saves Kitty

You don’t need a big cat to make a great GoPro video – even the tiniest will work. AdAge named this video the 2014 Best User-Created Viral Ad for brand storytelling.

Lesson: Often a story will tell itself – all it takes is having a camera ready to roll and document what plays out. A camera as small as a GoPro can be taken almost anywhere.

Fire Breathing With A 24 GoPro Array

What’s better than a video made with a GoPro camera? A video that’s made with multiple GoPro cameras. This extreme example uses an array of 24 GoPro devices. The camera set-up is visible in the video, which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look of how the effect was created.

Lesson: While point-of-view footage is the latest (and most logical) rage in a world full of selfies, consider making your content multi-dimensional by adding more cameras. Keep viewers engaged by offering different perspectives of the same narrative.

The Adventure of Life in 4K

Let's end with a bonus video that shows the latest and greatest in the GoPro world. This video showcases what the latest version of the camera is capable of... or should we say what people are capable of while wearing a GoPro.

Now go forth and make video content that stands out from the crowd.