Strategy: How to Build Brand Personality on Social

When it comes to social media, you may think that your company is doing everything right. You’ve established a presence on the main channels, and you’re regularly posting content. However, you’re selling your brand short if you haven’t clearly established and mapped out how your company presents its personality on social.

Establishing a brand tone of voice is a key component to any social media strategy. However, distilling a brand personality can seem daunting, so we’re breaking it down for you in four easy steps.

Find Your Voice
There are many creative activities that can lead you to your brand voice. The most important aspect is to think of your voice like a personality. If your brand were a guest at a party, how would it act? A person isn’t going to introduce themselves with “Hi, I’m a DMO focused on outdoor adventures.” Instead think about whether your brand would be the center of attention telling jokes, or would it be having a private intelligent conversation in the corner? Really take the time to think the important traits through. Think of three specific adjectives that would describe your brand. You can then apply these personality traits to any form of consumer facing communication.

Expand to Social
Once you know what your brand is, and isn’t, you can begin expanding this voice to social media. What kinds of articles would someone with your brand personality be sharing? What themes are most important? Fold these items into your content calendar, and use your personality to think of big campaign ideas that would fit with your voice and mission. This will bring your content to life, and draw people to follow and engage.

Be Consistent
After defining your voice and expanding it to social, it is crucial to stay consistent. You’ve determined your personality traits, so don’t suddenly switch them up and say something that would be completely out of left field. You wouldn’t see Apple being super cheeky all of the sudden, or Taco Bell to abruptly turn serious and black and white. Once you’ve solidified a personality for your brand, put all of your potential social content through this lens to see if it is on brand.