Pack Your Bags!

If you ask any real traveler (you know who you are) certain questions, we bet they’ll answer the same way: 1. What’s the worst part of traveling?


2. And the best?

Conquering once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list experiences while discovering a foreign land and creating memories you’ll be proud to share and let define you.

It’s pretty much up to you to make the best part come true, but Sparkloft has been working with KLM to take the least favorite travel to-do list item off your plate. Our most recent social media campaign, Pack Your Bags, utilizes KLM flight attendants to pack the items you’d like to take with you to Africa. They'll even recommend bucket list activities based on your selection while they're at it.

Pack Your Bags is designed to inspire fans and followers to complete these once-in-a-lifetime experiences while educating them on KLM's routes from the U.S. to South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. And best yet, they'll have the chance to win a luxury safari getaway.

This campaign was an exciting internal process thanks to the unique team we pulled together to make all of the elements come to life, including ten KLM videos, an interactive microsite, an enhanced mobile experience, a hand-drawn campaign logo, custom social content and more.

Now that it’s live, if you ask any Spark who helped work on this project, we bet they’ll answer the same way:

1. What was the worst part of working on Pack Your Bags?

Attempting to get a cat in a shark fin costume to play nice (spoiler: we left this scene on the digital cutting room floor)

2. And the best?

Everything else.

We hope you think so too.

Ready to pack your bags? Let's go!


For the official press release, click here.

For the media kit and downloaded campaign assets, click here.