Influencer Marketing 301

So, you’ve learned the basics of influencer marketing and you’ve learned how to find and lock down the right influencers for your brand. Now let’s talk about how to get your influencers to execute great content for your brand. It’s tempting to say to your influencers, “Go forth, and be amazing,” but that would be like giving a newly licensed teenager the keys to your brand new car. It could be fine, or it could be really bad.

Set your influencers up for success, and you set your influencer program up for success, too. Here’s how:


Why is your brand running this campaign? What’s the ultimate goal? What story are you trying to tell? Answer these questions and communicate them to your influencers. Tell them what you want; don’t make them search for it.

Paint a picture of what you’re looking for from your influencers. They want to make you happy, and you want your influencer program to be successful, so good communication beforehand is key.


Before your influencers take off, introduce them to locals, experts and other people who know your story and can help reinforce your brand message. These sorts of connections will enrich the influencer’s experience, and enhance the content they produce for your brand.

If you want to keep your influencers on a specific path of your own making, craft detailed itineraries for them. Map out where you want them to go, and what you want them to highlight along the way. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to get.

If you’re a bit more flexible, however, you could give your influencers the keys to the car and let them venture out on their own. You’re taking a bit of a risk, but you may get content that’s more creative and expressive of who the influencer is.


Give your influencers the tools to do what they do best. Supply them with a toolkit that contains all relevant handles, hashtags, rights-free images, sample copy, etc. Make this toolkit easy for them to reference and use when they’re creating content for the platforms you’ve agreed upon.

If you provide your influencers with all the tools they need to easily share your brand messaging, they’ll likely publish more often, and you’ll be more likely to like the results.

Giving your influencers the tools to execute great content for your brand is the final stop to achieving success with an influencer program. Providing your influencers with expectations, a detailed itinerary and an easy-to-use toolkit will ultimately help them help you, and isn’t that why you’re here to begin with?