Social Media Awards 2015

One of the best parts about working at Sparkloft is getting appreciated for the work that we do. While it absolutely makes our day to receive congratulations from a client on a job well done, it’s even sweeter when we’re congratulated on a job well done with an award. We’d like to take a moment to go over a few of our clients’ award-winning campaigns in 2015, and to talk through our approach to the design and development that ultimately helped us stand out from the crowd:

Award: Gold 2015 Magellan Award (awarded by Travel Weekly) in Airline Marketing category

Campaign: Thank You Note

Client: KLM

Campaign Overview: The holiday season is traditionally filled with giving and cheer, which are two characteristics that align perfectly with the KLM USA brand. Sparkloft Media was tasked with finding a clever way to say “Happy Holidays” to social fans and followers while highlighting the brand’s world-class customer service and, of course, bringing the gift of holiday cheer to all.

The KLM Thank You Note was a holiday campaign designed to create an engaging way for fans to interact with the brand without focusing on sales. On the KLM Facebook page, users were able to interact with the brand in real-time by sharing a story of the worst holiday gift they had received. Users shared their story and were presented with a personalized thank you note for their lousy gift, written by the KLM Cheer Experts in the cheeky KLM voice.

Unique tactic - Incorporating unique graphics, custom animation effects and personalized content brought KLM’s campaign to life while staying true to the brand's look and feel.


Award: Silver 2015 Magellan Award (awarded by Travel Weekly) in Destination Marketing, Event

Campaign: My Austrian Evening

Client: Austrian Tourist Office

Campaign Overview: My Austrian Evening was an influencer campaign designed to inspire travelers to choose Austria as their next destination. What set this influencer program apart from others is that it brought a taste of the destination to the influencers (not the other way around) through an Austrian dinner party and encouraged the influencers to share their experience on social.

Unique tactic: Instead of sending influencers to the destination, the Austrian Tourist Office brought the Austrian experience to New York City for one night only.

Award: Silver 2015 Magellan Award (awarded by Travel Weekly) in Airline Marketing

Campaign: Travel Resolutions

Client: Air France (KLM)

Campaign Overview: Travel Resolutions was a holiday campaign designed to inspire Americans to travel to Europe. Air France asked social media users to make a travel resolution for 2015 and then asked them to share that resolution across their social media channels. An interactive microsite incorporated a virtual scene of a room where users were prompted to choose an object that spoke to them. Based on the object they chose, users were taken through a series of questions to help name their next European travel destination (all destinations were offered via Air France flight routes).

Unique tactic: Highly targeted content and media strategies were developed to support the campaign on Facebook. This tactic helped create more than 60,000 social engagements.

Award: 2015 Destiny Award for Best in Social Media (awarded by US Travel Association)

Campaign: Brighten Your Day

Client: Visit Santa Barbara

Campaign Overview: The Brighten Your Day campaign for Visit Santa Barbara was designed with the goal of increasing awareness and affinity for Santa Barbara during off-season amongst cold weather weary consumers. Sparkloft was tasked with developing and executing the social media strategy for the campaign. There were three phased activations where Visit Santa Barbara asked users to tell us how we could #BrightenYourDay. Of the many who responded, Santa Barbara selected a few choice winners and surprised them with an SB-inspired gifts.  

To kick off the launch in three separate markets, Sparkloft researched, contacted, and surprised social media influencers at the start of the consumer campaign launch in order to build buzz. The campaign was also supported by hyper-targeted Twitter advertising. Through multiple layers of interwoven marketing tactics, in-market activation and social influencers, we were able to build social buzz and extend awareness of Santa Barbara’s feel-good brand messaging.

Unique tactic:  The surprise and delight concept identified users on social media channels who would like to have their day brightened and surprised them with real-time giveaways, like airline tickets to Santa Barbara, coffee delivery and potted Palm trees! Seeding the campaign with in-market influencers helped boost awareness of social media content among the general public.

One of the things we love most about working in social media is the pace at which the industry moves. Not only does it keep us on our toes, but it gives us the opportunity to focus our attention entirely on the medium. Instead of trying to be experts across multiple subjects, we chose social and only social. And, it feels pretty good to know that all our hard work is paying off.

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