Elevating Your Event with Instagram

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social networks around with a staggering 70 million photos and videos shared daily. Event planners are wisely starting to take note. So, how can Instagram be leveraged to promote your event? Here are some tips:

Before your event

Verify your event’s hashtag in advance to make sure other events aren’t using it, especially concurrent events. Iconosquare is a great tool for this.

Once the hashtag has been confirmed, start using it on all event-related posts. Look for other users’ photos that use the hashtag and interact with them.

During your event

Twitter walls are being replaced by social hubs that now include visual content from Instagram. If you’re displaying this content at your event, look for a hub that can be branded.

Numerous photos and videos should be taken during the event but they don’t all need to be posted on Instagram. Remember to space out your posting schedule so followers and attendees won’t be bombarded with your content. Posting frequency should be based on how active the hashtag is with other attendees. Photos of the destination and behind-the-scene teasers work great on Instagram, too.

If your attendees are active on Instagram, hosting an Instagram contest may boost engagement. Depending on the level of activity, the contest could range from a simple Selfie Challenge to a more difficult Photo Scavenger Hunt. You could also award prizes for photos that receive the most engagement.

After your event

An event’s social conversation typically declines after everyone goes home. Your posting schedule can certainly slow down but it shouldn’t stop completely. Follow your attendees and interact with their content. A few likes and comments here and there will greatly impact your efforts for the next year’s event.

For more ideas and inspiration, read about how we used Instagram to create awareness and drive traffic to our exhibitor booth at WACVB last year.

How do you use Instagram at events? Share your tips in the comment section!