Getting Creative With Vine

On August 20th Vine released a slew of new features – from importing video to enhanced editing options – which I detailed here. With all these tools at their fingertips, users are setting the bar higher and higher one loop at a time. Looking to elevate your own Vine game? Here are some tips:

How to Get Creative

With options like stop-motion, time-lapse and transformations, Vine can produce pretty mind-blowing results. Although artists are behind the majority of the madness, anyone can take steps to elevate his or her game – all it takes is a little time, a little practice, a tripod or phone stand, and good lighting. Follow these instructions to turn your brand into the gold standard of Vine.

Who’s Setting the Standard?

Looking for inspiration? Three innovative brands – the San Francisco 49ers, the Linq, and the MLB – are currently crushing it.

Known for their excellence on the field, the San Francisco 49ers launched their outstanding #FortyViners campaign off the field just in time for the season. #FortyViners uses a variety of techniques to showcase Levi’s Stadium, as well as 49ers fans and players. Did I mention Levi’s signed off as the title sponsor to this campaign and fans can win gift cards just by wearing their Levi's to the stadium? In the world of digital sports, it doesn’t get any better than that.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? The Linq is posting Vines that put this old saying to rest. This new hotel and casino is using stop-motion to raise awareness about its opening on October 30th. Too many times campaigns come out of nowhere and expect their audience to understand what’s going on right from the jump. The pre-launch campaign is a lost art that has been recaptured in an innovative way by this soon-to-be Las Vegas hot spot.

For three days in July, all eyes are on 

Major League Baseball

’s All-Star Game, and what better way to make a statement than to break out

shiny new toys

? As past and present All-Stars arrived on the red carpet, they were greeted with a 360-degree booth accompanied by a rotating Vine camera that captured their every move. Along with debuting their rotating Vine camera, Major League Baseball spiced up their Home Run Derby Vines by adding special effects like the one seen below.

These are just three of my favorites. Which accounts have caught your eye?