Top Social Campaigns of Summer 2015

The much-anticipated summer months of the year present some of the best opportunities for great social media content. When people take breaks from their real lives, they’re on their phones snapping and sharing great posts and competing for who will inspire the most #FOMO. Beyond those who fill our feeds with the generic #hotdogsorlegs and poolside cocktail photos, there are others who are trekking across the globe and sharing amazing travels on social media. With all of this great content being shared from around the world, travel and tourism brands have found imaginative ways to capitalize on summer themes for great social media campaigns. With fall quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to look back at some of the most creative and innovative travel and tourism social campaigns of the summer.

Contiki Tours – #ContikiLegends

Contiki Tours created a multi-platform campaign that taps into the psyche of all the travel daredevils out there. The youth-focused travel corporation teamed up with influencers in a multitude of industries to tell the story of adventurous travel in five key destinations under the umbrella of #ContikiLegends.

The campaign spans across social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Snapchat. Content links users to blog content that highlights the different destinations, as well as the option to book now. To inspire fans to use the hashtag on their own posts, Contiki ran a GoPro giveaway for a few lucky posters using #ContikiLegends. Contiki even brought the campaign to YouTube with an inspirational promotional video in collaboration with the guys from MTV’s “The Buried Life” and six lucky travelers.

Tunisia Live - #LivingTunisia

In an effort to offset the negative media attention on Tunisia after a terrorist attack in May, Tunisia Live– a local media outlet– launched the #LivingTunisia campaign. The campaign goal is to encourage the sharing of positive content that shows both the beauty and safety of the country. The hashtag acts as a rallying cry and call to action for locals and tourists alike to share the official video of the campaign on their social channels, as well as tagging past and present moments and memories in photos with #LivingTunisia.

Loews Hotels – #TravelforReal

Loews Hotels’ summer campaign leveraged the power of user-generated content to promote their hotels and resorts. Instead of working with professional photographers, the brand scoured guest content to find authentic photography to use in its “Travel for Real” campaign. By searching through the brand’s hashtags and location tags on Instagram, they were able to look over 35,000 guest photos as of July 2015. The content was then used for print and digital collateral that featured the #TravelforReal hashtag inspiring other guests to participate for a chance to be featured.

New Orleans Tourism – #FollowYourNOLA

This summer, New Orleans Tourism gave their three-year old Follow Your NOLA campaign a fresh twist. With the upcoming 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in August, the team ramped up their social media efforts to draw attention to the celebration of rebuilding and rebirth of the city after tragedy.

Featuring both locals and tourists who are rediscovering the rejuvenated Big Easy, the campaign aims to show the multitude of options, from food to music to history, travelers can expect to find when they visit. The efforts are driven from three highlight videos that were shared through Facebook. The campaign also joined forces with local influencers to share great #FindYourNola content. New Orleans Tourism also partnered with Disney to promote a sweepstakes as part of the social strategy to encourage even more engagement. Overall the campaign is a special tribute to the city of New Orleans, offering a digital collection and exploration of the city’s continued growth.

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