Strategy: What We Learned from the View Source Conference

This week, Sparkloft’s Product & Innovation team was honored to participate in the View Source Conference, a brand new event presented by Mozilla for front-end developers and designers with a focus on the web and its cutting edge technologies. With over 18 speakers, ongoing hacking spaces, demos and group discussions, we had plenty of opportunity to meet creative thinkers from around the world and discuss upcoming trends for the web. Top emerging themes were centered around user accessibility, virtual reality, security and animation. Here are some of our favorite talks from the conference and key takeaways: Favorite Talks

Paul Ford on The Web Today

Inayaili de León on Realistic Responsive Design

    • Inayaili shared a slew of great insights, but one in particular stood out to us: Ask yourself what you can get done if you only have one hour to finish something. This will immediately clarify the most important action items.

Key Insights

Design with accessibility in mind

    • The Web Accessibility Initiative’s mission is to lead the Web to its full potential in accessibility, enabling people with disabilities to participate on the web equally.

    • It’s important to design on the web for ALL people, keeping in mind a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability.

Virtual reality: the new frontier

    • Virtual reality is finally here! Soon, head mounted displays capable of simulating a whole range virtual experiences will become available to consumers and present businesses with new opportunities.

    • We had the chance to check out a couple of these bad boys: Oculus and Sony. Not only were we transported into a completely different world, but we got a sneak preview of a new VR platform called A-Frame (launching in December 2015) that allows developers to turn any website into virtual a reality experience. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Animated Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are the future 


  • Supported on most browsers

  • Image scaling without loss of quality

  • Accessibility; elements are machine-readable for disabled people.

  • Each layer of an SVG can be tagged and indexed for better search engine optimization.

  • SVG layers are manipulatable so we can animate them, modify properties (color, size, position, etc), and have as much control as possible with them. There are endless opportunities for creation and innovation to take the web to the next level.

We cannot wait to see how the trends develop and evolve. Get ready for an outstanding 2016.