The Results

The three influencers (on two separate voyages) shared a total of 117 social posts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on their blogs. These posts gained a total of 120,962 engagements on Crystal Cruises’ accounts and 573,962 engagements on the influencers’ accounts. Additionally, blog posts from the influencers results in nearly 11k clicks to Crystal Cruises’ blog. Crystal Cruises’ Instagram account grew by 126% during the takeovers and engagement soared during the takeover months. Finally, the content shared reached audiences larger than Crystal Cruises has ever spoken to before on social as these numbers reflect:

Sarah and Kiel –– From Venice to Monte Carlo
Instagram followers: 858.2k combined
Number of posts: 45
Twitter followers: 122.3k combined
Number of posts: 19
Facebook fans: 120k combined
Number of posts: 8

A Blond Abroad –– A Brazilian Holiday Cruise
Instagram followers: 110k
Number of posts: 9
Twitter followers: 11.1k
Number of posts: 22
Facebook fans: 19.6k
Number of posts: 5