All Meetings Are Social

Why You Should Socialize Your Next Event

The arrival of social media has added an entirely new dimension for promoting and managing conferences, events and trade shows.

To elevate social media at events, Sparkloft Media has developed a suite of social media services specifically for the event, conference and trade show industry. This turnkey solution is tailored to the specific needs of each event.

Today, meeting planners need to integrate social media into all aspects of a program — the risk of failing to engage with attendees is too big, especially with younger generations. Social media is always changing, making it difficult for meeting planners to stay up-to-date and leverage social media tools effectively.

From citywide conventions to single-property conferences, NASCAR races to music festivals, we have provided social media support to events of all sizes and audiences.

Ways to Socialize

From citywide conventions to single-property conferences, NASCAR races to music festivals, we have supported events of all sizes and audiences with our social media solutions.

How to Socialize Your Event

Here are a few of our most popular service packages:


Attendance Booster

Drive attendance by using social media to create buzz and excitement for your event. Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase registration.


Attendee Engager

Higher attendee engagement increases value for all parties involved. Engagement allows you to use social media to create more memorable events and foster more meaningful connections, better mobile experiences and higher attendee productivity.


Membership Maximizer

Many associations are struggling to stay relevant. A social media presence is critical for any association that wants to stay connected with members, especially millennials.


Sponsor Enhancer

Sponsors are demanding more value for their sponsorship. Fulfill this need by using social media to connect sponsors with your audience, create brand awareness or drive traffic to the trade show floor.


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