The Opportunity

Breaking into a new product category, Blossom Brothers needed a way to differentiate themselves. Sparkloft was tapped with developing a stereotype-shattering social program to support the point of sale brand campaign. People often associate the word wine spritzer with sugary-sweet wine coolers. We wanted to break that stigma by conveying appetite appeal and inspiring trial all while educating the consumer on what a wine spritzer really is. We took this as an opportunity to celebrate the packaging relaunch and the gulpable experience to be had within each can.

The Insight

Consumers want a beverage that’s more than wine but not a beer.

The Strategy

These fun-sized scenes create a big appetite. Pairing a life-size can with miniature props gives viewers context into when and where they should crack open a can of Blossom Brothers. We paired each flavor of wine spritzer with a mini usage occasion to tell a narrative of when you might enjoy each flavor. A tiny backyard barbecue, mini camping trip, or pocket-sized pool party are all perfect places for this summer sipper. This creative was produced as a direct social translation of the point of sale campaign to celebrate the grab-ability of the can, and the moments where the excitement begins. We utilized product shots in a unique, refreshing way while simultaneously showcasing individual usage occasions. By creating these use case narratives in a small scale, this campaign breaks through the clutter of stereotypical beverage brand product shots on social. Plus, who doesn’t love a mini cornhole set?

The Impact

This tiny trio of assets was not only fun and visually gulp-able, but also delivered outstanding results. With a $7k media spend on Facebook and Instagram, these ads reached 457,557 targeted consumers, garnered 115,832 engagements, and 611,715 unique impressions. Although these ads were hyper-targeted, the cost per result remained low at just 6 cents. These assets also appeared in several media publications including Brand Packaging and Beverage Industry.