IMC, a global technology-driven trading firm, has a lot to offer young recruits. From learning from some of the brightest minds in the industry, to being included in contributing ideas, it’s the ideal environment to start a career. That said, the hiring market for top tier STEM talent (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is cut-throat. Given the global hiring market and the low unemployment rate, IMC was looking to build its competitive edge and tackle the challenge of marketing itself to quality talent. Sparkloft partnered with the company to boost brand recognition and drive job applications at IMC among STEM students at top-tier universities about to enter the workforce.


Sparkloft knew the best way to use social media to drive brand awareness, and ultimately applicants, was to use inspirational content that tapped into the unique qualities of teamwork and excellence that IMC employees experience. With this content, we implemented a phased paid media campaign with university-specific audience targeting in order to drive qualified potential applicants down the funnel.


Based off of insights garnered from current IMC employees around what they love about their jobs, Sparkloft developed a campaign in three phases and utilized creative meant to build name recognition and help potential recruits envision their future life at IMC.

The campaign included multiple creative elements, from Instagram Story ads showcasing everyday life at IMC, to immersive ads that featured IMC’s three global offices and Facebook videos that showcased the rewarding, team-driven competitive elements of a trading career. Ads were optimized over a specific period of time to first build a qualified audience, and then drive site visits to career pages. Strong CTA’s in the final phase and custom creative led to an immensely successful campaign.


Unique creative content and the targeted paid media strategy to push applicants down the funnel was pivotal in the success of this program. Throughout the campaign, we developed a strong social asset database for future campaigns, learned which content resonates with IMC’s audience, and developed a strategy to reach qualified audiences.

In two months, the campaign reached 1.7M people, generated 4.3M impressions, and saw 315K video views, 136K engagements and drove 3,833 page views. Our targeted ads and fresh creative also led to 89 completed applications from STEM students at top tier universities for IMC.