A travel resolution you actually want to keep.

The Opportunity

Air France wanted to create an aspirational campaign focused on destinations beyond Paris and inspire Americans to travel to Europe in 2015. What better time than in January when most people are planning for the year ahead?

The Campaign 

The beginning of the new year is the typical time to make resolutions, so Sparkloft Media crafted a campaign that enabled AirFrance to help its target customers set a travel resolution they’d want to keep and share.

An interactive microsite allowed users to find a resolution that spoke most to them whether it was traveling back in time in Rome, unwinding in the sun in Lisbon or getting off the beaten path in Budapest. Once the resolution was selected, users were encouraged to share it on Facebook, because let’s be honest: the best way to keep your resolution is to share it. One of the participants got additional help in keeping their selected resolution: a pair of roundtrip tickets to their chosen destination!

Highly targeted content and media strategies were developed to support the campaign on Facebook. By both creating content and targeting individuals with interests and travel histories that aligned with the featured campaign destinations, we were able to ensure quality entrants would be directed to the microsite.

The Results

The campaign was a huge success with more than 10k people sharing their resolution and over 26k entries in just two weeks. There were more than 56k visitors to the microsite, 2.6 million ad impressions and 60k social engagements.