Aside from creating photo and video content on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the influencer journey was featured on the recently launched Eurowings Snapchat account. To best showcase the influencer’s two different perspectives, Sparkloft showcased them side by side on the dedicated microsite where consumers could follow the journey.

The audience was invited to the Eurowings Facebook channel to join the influencers in activities like boating, cooking and exploring at sunset— all live from Portugal. During these livestreams, the influencers shared some of their top experiences. After the tour, Eurowings released two, 360-videos showcasing some highlights from the Algarve region of Portugal, which were filmed during the tour. 

Beyond social, #NextStopPortugal video content was also used for additional amplifications including paid media placement designed to drive sales, and info-screens in taxis around Cologne, Dusseldorf and Vienna. 

The integrated campaign tactics of influencer produced content, the microsite, photography, vidoegraphy, livestreaming, 360-videography and the launch of Eurowing's newest social platform, Snapchat, created a seamless engaged experience designed to encourage social fans and followers to discover the Algarve themselves, and let Eurowings take them there.