The Opportunity

Travel Oregon approached Sparkloft about designing a social media campaign around the following business needs:

  • Raise awareness of Oregon in key international markets - specifically Japan
  • Increase conversation about Oregon amongst Japanese travelers in a relevant, timely manner

Sparkloft Services

  • Campaign Ideation 
  • Research 
  • In-Language Content Creation + Production 
  • Custom animation
  • Paid Media
  • Partner with Brand USA

The Campaign

While researching the Japanese market, Sparkloft’s team uncovered a hot trend in Japan – Kawaii Cooking (Tiny Foods). Created in Japan, these videos have wildly high engagement and views showcasing tiny foods being created and plated. To showcase Oregon’s unique and diverse culinary scene, Sparkloft recommended a Tiny Foods social media series that would focus on cooking tiny food for each of the seven regions of Oregon. The team utilized in-market research to determine what foods Japanese audiences would likely be most interested in.

The Travel Oregon Tiny Foods videos are 45 seconds in length, and feature different recipes cooked in miniature form. The series is being distributed through Twitter in Japan, targeting a potential audience size of 12M users interested in Travel, Cooking and US destinations. Each video begins with an introduction message to the series, followed by an image of the region in Oregon and text related to the subsequent recipe.

The Results

This targeted campaign garnered over 8.3 million impressions and 2.3 million video views with an average cost per view of $0.02.

Our measured benefits extend beyond platform metrics. By using an insight driven strategy, in market trends, and creative, effective production and distribution, we created video content that resonated with our target market and reached them in a format they enjoy and engage with already. The Tiny Foods campaign is still live and has already received recognition at the Rosey Awards, with undoubtedly more success to come.