Crafting Nimble Content Faster than Cheddar Aging

The Brief

Tillamook needed to increase their posting cadence and further humanize their brand on social media, elevating the dairy co-op from just another CPG to lifestyle brand status.

The Insight

While food lovers are often intentional in their ingredient choices, dairy remains a food where quality isn’t a huge consideration. We had to evangelize the benefits of high quality dairy in a way that avoided the overly curated content trap that keeps a brand from making the leap to “lifestyle” status.

The Solution

To help Tillamook keep up with the rapid pace of content on TikTok and competitors like Instagram’s Reels, Sparkloft created a new, in-house nimble studio; a quick response production team that could create, edit, and publish professional-yet-authentic content for our clients. This approach let us increase the number of productions we could undertake each season, while also generating more assets than before from a single shoot.

The Results

Since implementing the nimble studio, we’ve been able to increase content production for the brand by 300%. Some of the most well received content stars Tillamook’s most valuable asset — their people. Fans have been loving the behind-the-cheese peeks of Tillamook’s lifestyle and culture as we continue to experiment with creating fresh, local, and authentic content with the fast-growing brand.