Busting myths
in the Beehive State

The Brief

There’s a common misconception that Utah lacks diversity and has a community primarily made up of white Mormons. For season 2 of the Let’s Talk Utah series, we worked to confront that misconception.

The Insight

If you look a little deeper, you’ll find that Utah has a culture that’s as diverse as the landscape.

The Solution

We began with people who would know Utah better than anyone else: locals and natives. We found six incredible people to share their stories and as well as responsible travel and preservation practices.

With one episode devoted to each of our advocates, the series shared their inspiring stories, piquing the interest of locals and visitors alike. Since the series would be watched primarily on IGTV, we took a social-first approach and shot in a vertical video format.

The Results

Let’s Talk Utah Season 2 promoted dialogue among an enthusiastic community of those who love living in or traveling to Utah. The result was an engaging and informative series that became a tangible resource for our audience. In total, the videos reached 1.05 Million impressions, and 30.8k video plays passed 75%.